Toffa massage

Clinical Tofa massage technique
You can compare that the technique works with a face in 3D. Its result is prolonged, because the causes of changes are touched upon and studied, with this approach, the aesthetic effect will not wait!

The technique perfectly solves the problem of the “second” chin, by means of careful study of the neck department. Effectively copes with the lowering of the corners of the mouth, “spurts” on the lower jaw, “pussy” wrinkles on this directed a series of movements. Excellent performance with correction of the “pride” muscle, frontal wrinkles, outer corners of the eyes.

It has four directions at once (which distinguishes its work from other methods):
vascular – work with the circulatory system, “education” of the vascular system, prevention of couperose;
myostructural – at the muscular level. The work is done along the muscular tissue, not across (another difference);
neurosedative – is the work at the level of the central nervous system, the opportunity for the client to relax deeply through proper tactile work, relax and gain strength for a session. Plus, the failure of the nervous system leaves a significant, and sometimes indelible, trace leads to deformations at all levels. The consequence is, to say the least, not desirable appearance of the face;
craniosacral – work with the bone frame. The authors believe that if deformation at this level is not taken into account, the result will be extremely superficial and not long.

The technique is 72 movement. The time of the session is about 90 minutes.

Clinical technique of Toffa massage is a chance to better understand the processes occurring inside a person, to understand the causes of atrophy and changes in the configuration of muscles, bone structure, and as a result, changes in facial contours. To understand the importance of functionality of capillaries, nerves and to realize the correct approach to the work of a cosmetologist.