Principles of building patient care

Yes, there is no doubt that the current level of industry development requires from the Specialist a high level of training!
Moreover, this training must be versatile, deep and thorough.

A specialist can be very responsible, a lot of students attending a lot of master classes, conferences, presentations, lectures. But the most difficult thing in his work is to use all this luggage of knowledge – competently build a system to work individually with each Patient!
It is very difficult!!!
For this purpose it is necessary to “read” correctly deformations of the Patient, to analyze their cause.
Competently collect anamnesis – find out the previous amortization of the body, dysfunctions and features.
It is also necessary to have a deep understanding of cosmetic ingredients – to understand their benefits and their harm.
To understand the individually required concentrations of drugs for each Patient.
Competently build the regime of application of procedures.
Appoint the necessary funds in the home care, carefully monitor the effect of their work and understand when it is necessary to change the direction of exposure and on what.
Take into account the psychology of the Patient.

As we see it is a very difficult task to build systems of work with Patients correctly! Realizing this, we have specially developed a course of advanced training on this topic. In this course our Technologists will help to understand all these complex aspects, to understand the principles of building systems, will give the opportunity to practice and feel confident in this complex and very important stage of work!