Photoageing, premature skin aging – skin changes associated with constant exposure to ultraviolet radiation and manifested by actinic elastosis, wrinkles and pigmentation disorders.

Constant influence of excessive solar insolation:
* disrupts mitochondrion performance.
* activates pro-inflammatory genes – causes DNA deletions and rearrangements, which disrupts the cellular cycle, resulting in tumor emergence and progression.
* enhances the activity of the matrix metalloproteinases, which begin to actively destroy the extracellular matrix.
* reduces the number and disrupts the function of Langerhans cells
* suppresses cellular and humoral immunity.
* disrupts the structure of elastin fibers .
* increases the level of proteolytic enzymes – it causes the fragmentation of collagen and elastin fibers.

To date, the Cosmetologist faces this pathology often, unfortunately. In order to help the Patient or to prevent such dysfunction, the Specialist needs to deeply change the mechanisms of etiopathogenesis.
We have developed a special lecture in which we analyze in detail all aspects of dysfunction and offer several variants of its solution.