We are convinced that everyone understands the importance of studying the physiology of human body organs and systems. How important it is to understand what physiological principles work in the body, what physical, neural and biochemical processes take place in the work of the organism. To what extent it is necessary to correctly assess the global nature of these processes for competent diagnosis.

Our Teachers have set goals:
* to form the students’ systematic knowledge about the vital functions of the whole organism and
of its individual parts;
* to form a systematic approach to understanding physiological mechanisms in students;
* to study with students the role of higher nervous activity in physiological regulation
with human functions, etc.

Our students study physiology, mandatory (state course “Cosmetics”).
But, at the same time, already practicing Specialist has an opportunity to study any lecture or cycle from this discipline as an advanced training. Moreover, it can be both full-time (according to the schedule of groups) and online.


Distributed lectures on “Human Physiology” in our College:
endocrine physiology
gastrointestinal physiology
cardiovascular physiology
urogenital physiology
sensory physiology
nervous physiology
skin physiology