Periorbital massage

It’s hard to overestimate the appearance of the periorbital zone. The slightest change in configuration frustrates Patients and they are ready to correct them with any methods, up to plastic surgery. To the application of serious manipulations are not always indications (physical, age), financial possibilities and generally rejection of such serious interventions.

The area is difficult for specialists – thin skin, not always pleasant tactile manipulations, the threat of swelling, swelling damage to blood vessels, etc. – gives certain fears at work. Methods of correction, to date at the Cosmetologist, weight. It is important to understand which of them is suitable for this patient.
And agree that the professionalism of the Cosmetologist is characterized by the fact that he can offer the Patient different options for solving problems – the main conditions that it should be competent, argued, and individually!

We offer a manual technique aimed at correction of deformations of this facial area – Periorbital massage technique.

Which patients are recommended this technique:
-Those who, for a number of reasons, do not agree to injecting procedures;
-in deformation of the lower eyelid, upper eyelid ptosis;
-in periorbital fractures of various depths and locations,
-with the hypertension of the “proud” and the corruptors;
-clients with negative consequences after botulinum therapy and injection correction procedures.

Problems with..:
– dysfunction of blood flow in the periorbital zone;
– dysfunction of lymph flow in the periorbital zone;
-structural disorders associated with dysfunctions of fat packets;
– with fascia ligaments in this area.

In addition, the technique pays attention to the contour of the lower jaw, the length of muscles in the central part of the face and the central lymphatic system of the face, which is considered a successful feature of this technique.