In 2018, our College renounced its exclusive right to represent Ukraine in the territory of the International Civil Aviation Association INFA (Belgium)




The Association carries out training according to European Butist criteria of standards of Specialists in a wide spectrum of specialities. The training program is very rich, with deep theoretical and practical skills.
At the end of it and successful passing the current examinations and credits, a final exam is held. It is conducted by the INFA Examiners, who fly to Kiev for this purpose.

By today, we have released two teams.
Participants of both groups have successfully obtained international qualification and became the first Ukrainian specialists accredited by international criteria. And believe me, if you ask them if it was easy, they as one will say that it was mega difficult and exciting!
Nevertheless, there are Golden and even Platinum among the Graduates!

The leadership of the Association also noted the high level of the College and the level of training of the Specialists! This was a high praise for us!!!
And even some of our developments have served to expand the professions for the qualification-a proposal from the Association, after the second exam, to develop a document and program for the qualification of cosmetologists with medical education-beautician doctor. And in the near future, we will gather groups of training and such qualification.

To date, the Association is represented in 48 countries (Europe, Japan, Korea, Turkey, Africa).
And we are proud that since 2018 and in Ukraine in the face of our College!