Our College is more than just a course on dermatology describing etiopathogenesis of diseases.
The IMPORTANT CHART of the course is that it is for Cosmetologists, which, after considering each of the diseases, gives recommendations on what can be done by the Cosmetologist, when you can and what.
And also – what and in what cases it is DO NOT!!! to do in work with Patients who have dermatological diseases – and it is EVERY IMPORTANT!! for a competent reception.
Because of this approach to dermatology lectures, this course has become the most popular in a short time.

Lectures from “Dermatology for Cosmetologists” you can listen to the course, or you can choose individual lectures of interest.

Lecture topics of the course:
general dermatology
fungal skin diseases
pustular skin diseases
skin viruses
parasitic skin diseases
acne disease