This is one of the main activities of the College.

Our College has a state license from the Ministry of Education of Ukraine on the right to conduct professional training in the specialty “Cosmetics” according to the NACE of Ukraine. We received this license on 15.04.2015, series AE №636315.

According to the licensing requirements, training lasts 7 months. The program is divided into theoretical and practical.

An entrant who already has a medical education (secondary or higher) has the right to become students of the College.

During the training there are many control sections, tests and final exams. Upon successful completion of the training, a state certificate of assignment of the profession is issued.

Today, the level of development of the beauty industry is very rapid. This is reflected in the requirements for professionals – they are becoming more stringent – more and more, to the forefront, the question of the legal weight of documents confirming education.

This is an indicator of the level of training, a responsible approach to obtaining it, the opportunities that can be provided with its availability and high trust from Patients!!!

Therefore, a careful approach to the choice of educational institution becomes a guarantee of long-term prospects in professional development!