Without information about the patient’s body condition it is difficult to talk about any cosmetological procedure.
If we do not take into account chronic diseases of the Patient, the presence of allergic reactions, dysfunctions of any organ or system, it is possible not only to do no good by their actions, but also to harm both the skin and threaten the health of the whole organism!

Collect anamnesis itself, ie, ask medical questions, fill out the card is not difficult. It is difficult to analyze the answers of the Patient, to make competent conclusions, to establish a cause-and-effect relationship of pathologies, to understand how to “circumvent the acute angles” in the dysfunctions of the organs and not to provoke their recurrence.
Where to start working with the patient, what ingredients, their concentration, in what mode, etc.
There are a lot of questions to pay attention to after collecting anamnesis and they are all important!
It is their understanding that will ensure a successful individual therapy for each Patient!

In order to understand this stage, we have developed a special lecture. It fully understands all aspects of the Patient’s answers to questions when collecting their anamnesis and conclusions to be drawn by the Specialist.