In-depth knowledge of the anatomy of the human body cosmetologist, masseur, podologist is needed all the time!!!

Anatomical knowledge is needed at the beginning of mastering the profession – it is a base.
In the future, it is necessary in continuous professional development.
And of course, without them it is impossible to receive Patients competently, provide assistance and achieve positive results in therapy.

In our College, students are very demanding about anatomical literacy!!!
This is evidenced by the increasing volume of lectures on the course, a variety of topics, in-depth material, visual demonstrations, a large number of control, specially designed methodological materials!
We do ALL in order to make the course succinct, but at the same time, the information assimilated by the students was easily systematized, structured and easy to fit in the head.

The student should know at the end of this course:
* basic anatomical terminology in Russian and Latin equivalents;
* general patterns of human body structure;
* anatomical-topographical relationship between human organs and body parts;
* basic parts of the structure and topography of organs, their systems;
* basic bone and muscle reference points;
* outline the topographic contours of the organs and apply the projection of the main vascular bundles of the human body regions, etc.;

* the main details of the structure and topography of the organs and their systems;

* the main bone and muscle points;

* the main bone and muscle points of the human body.

Our anatomy is mandatory for College students (state course “Cosmetics”).
But, at the same time, already practicing Specialist has an opportunity to study any lecture or cycle from this discipline as an advanced training. Moreover, it can be either full-time (according to the schedule of groups) or online.

Distributed lectures on “Human Anatomy” in our College:
endocrine anatomy
gastrointestinal anatomy
cardiovascular anatomy
urogenital anatomy
sensory anatomy
nervous system anatomy
skin anatomy