About college

Our College was founded in 2015. The main goal of our activity was and still is to train highly professional specialists!

We approached the work of the College thoroughly and began with the fact that we directed our efforts to obtain a license from the Ministry of Education of Ukraine to conduct educational activities in the specialty “Cosmetic”.

Obtaining a license is a complicated and responsible matter. In order to obtain it, we passed multiple stages of verification for compliance with state requirements, compiled and developed programs, argued at meetings of the Ministry of Corrections and Amendments to them, etc.

Asa result of this multifaceted work, we were approved and we received the License Series AE No. 636315 for the right to confer the profession “Cosmetic” according to the QuED of Ukraine!Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

To date, the College has great achievements: 124 lectures on advanced training of cosmetologists, a large number of field workshops, online lectures and consultations, we have become exclusive representatives in Ukraine, the international qualification association INFA, we cooperate on the exchange of teachers with universities in the Czech Republic, Poland, Germany and Sweden.